Literary competition “Family’s Belief” | Возрождение и Надежда
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Сontests » Literary competition “Family’s Belief”

Literary competition “Family’s Belief”



The Festival, Contests and Charity Events for children have received Blessing of four spiritual confessions.


Goals and objectives:

  • Popularization and profound studying Russian language and culture;
  • Development of the international cultural exchange and cooperation with further attraction with representatives from diasporas from former republics and foreign countries;
  • Forming the national and interfamily culture on the basis of spiritual and religious values;
  • Family consolidation on the basis of unique spiritual values;
  • Raise a sense of national identity and civic consciousness;
  • Propaganda of the universal values among children and youth: humanity and love, compassion and mercy, friendliness and peacemaking, feeling of beauty and harmony, tolerance and trust.


The concept:

Each family and each person on the Earth has a Belief which represents itself as a force, the way of going through difficulties and crises. In this competition we ask you to tell us, how your Belief helped you in a difficult situation. The theme is set by the name of competition. Genre: any. Form: a story, an essay, poems, literary composition.



The works of individual authors, groups of authors, families, representatives from family dynasties, including representatives from diasporas from former republics and foreign countries are accepted.



Works are represented in format MS Word on standard sheets of paper, format А4, no more than 2 sheets by the font Times New Roman, the size 12, 1,5 intervals, accurately issued.

It is necessary to attach covering letter, in which should be pointed out:

  • Name of the work;
  • Name, middle name, surname and author’s year of birth (if it was done by a team – all members’  names);
  • The country, region, city, etc.


IMPORTANT! Copyrights to the presented materials must belong to the participants of the competition, so that its use and distribution won’t break the Russian legislation of copyright law.

All works, which will be send for the competition, are not reviewing and are non-refundable. The Executive Management Department has a right for editing and publication competition works without notification.

Organization process

The Executive Management Department of the Russian National  festival of family dynasties “Belief. Hope. Love” is responsible for the whole organization process of collecting, studying, publicizing material and summarizing the results.

Jury is formed from authoritative public figures, writers, journalists. Chairmen of jury:  Father George (Roschin), Petrova Tatyana Eduardovna, Doctor of Science, the Professor.


Criteria of assessment:

  • The knowledge of Russian language and culture. Literacy;
  • To be in congruence with spiritual context;
    • The emotional response (Jury liked the material, they remembered it, it caused positive emotional coloring).


  • 1 place – the Winner of competition, is awarded by the diploma and a prize;
  • 2 and 3 place – Winners of competition, are awarded by diplomas.
  • All participants receive the Diploma of the Winner of competition.

Summarizing results and rewarding the winners of competition is carried out publicly – at special socially significant ceremony – on September, 30th, 2012 at the rewarding ceremony running as a final part of the Russian National (International) festival of family dynasties «Belief. Hope. Love»

Work terms: 15 February – 15 September 2012

The assessment is carried out at 10 point scale (the best mark – 10).


Final dates can be extended.

The best creative works will be included in the gift book which will be made and published on the winners’ materials by the results of the Fund «Revival and Hope» competition and published by a separate heading on a site

The address of the Executive Management Department:

123290, Moscow, Prichalnui driveway 6 -1 (the Complex on Shelepiha RHTY of Mendeleyev)

Competition. Event «Belief. Hope. Love».

tel./fax: +7 (499) 259-22-45,

contact us:

Project Coordinator Contacts :

E-mail –     Skype – alex-moses